Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Virtual Tour Companies - Rated?

Are you thinking of becoming a virtual tour photographer?  You may be searching for a virtual tour company to join so you can learn how to provide the best virtual tour in your area.  Well let me say that there are many out there and the cost can be overwhelming.

You will get a lot of promises of fortune, you will make $thousands of dollars per tour once you get verified as a trusted photographer. The promises are many and the results are none.  At least with the tour companies that make all the outlandish statements and promises.

The only way you will make a living in the virtual tour business is to get out and sell yourself, don't depend on the tour company to send you any business. It just won't happen, I don't care how much they push you into joining their company.  I've been there and back!

Model homes - virtual tour

Take a minute, let me explain my experiences with you.

I joined a tour company about four years ago and learned how to make virtual tours and sell them. Things were going great until business slowed down. I wanted to continue growing and thought by changing tour companies I could make more money with their system.  Wrong!

I was told that I'd make $1,200 per tour, that they would sell for me in my area. They had hotels and night clubs that were begging for a virtual tour and if I passed the test I'd be making nothing but money.
Well that was just BS and when I confronted them, I got more BS. I had made the grade and was told that I became one of the trusted photographers and was on my way to making money.  It never happened.  I was told that I needed additional training, training at $150 per hour and if I didn't take the training I wouldn't get any business from them.

I had already invested $2,600 with them but got nothing but lies, BS and talked down to.  SO - now I'm back to the tour company that I can trust not to lie to me, not to fill me with BS and empty promises.  I had to learn the hard way, I hope you don't make the mistakes I have made that cost me a lot of money.
Do your search and listen close, don't buy into the hype. 

There are a few virtual tour companies: Real Tour Vision, VPixs, iPixs, Circle Pixs and a few others.  I am with Real Tour Vision, the best company of all. They train for free, they support for free, they are willing to help you be successful and provide a lot of great information to get you there.  They are on top of technology and they are a lot less expensive to join.  Buy the equipment or you may have most of the equipment already, and then learn the right way to create virtual tours.  The rest is up to you.

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