Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The clown is a cartoon

I have been providing virtual tours for six years.

In the six years I've met some real strange people. Not so much of real estate people but people that also work in the virtual tour business. It's a few clowns that make the rest of us look bad, it's the same clowns that try to convince you to become part of their group.

Consider the equipment it takes to create a 360 photograph. 
Camera / digital
Lens / 8mm or 10mm or 18mm or 24mm or 35mm (they will all work-the angle of view will be different in each).
Software / there is free software and many others from $99 to over $1,000. Most everyone I know spent just under $200 for the really good software.

So lets add up the numbers:
Camera: $1,200 ( I prefer Nikon but any will do, the price is based on a low end model )
Lens: $300 ( Sigma has an 8mm for about that, I have done 360 images with a 35mm with great results)
Tripod: $300 ( Should be very stable, a used Bogen will be fine)
Software $200 

Total: $2,000

Why do I bring all of this up? There is a company that hooks you in for thousands of dollars for the equipment, charges you for training then expects you to pay a monthly fee for a website.  The website is their portal, takes you first through their sales pitch and you end up with one page that is built around their company. Total BS !!!!

The company is VPIX and the clown is BARTLEY, he changed his name because he burned so many of us with his promises that never came true. He is nothing but a liar, thief and gets rich off your hard earned money.

I can't believe that they are still in business. Everyone I've talked with that have been part of Vrip off PIX has had the same experience. They were lied to by the clown, the promises never came through and after thousands of dollars later, they came to realise that the clown was full of BS. Each and everyone jumped ship and went to real tour companies. 

I know I sound bitter, well I am. I was taken for a ride by the clown, lied to and when I called him out on his BS promises, he denied all of it.  My goal is to warn people of the deep hole they can get into with VPIX. The one company that has nothing to offer you - they make their money by overcharging you for what little you get.  Then clown boy will keep you interested by telling you lies, hooking you in with weekly phone calls and making you feel the win is coming. The rewards are out there and they will share them with you.  All LIES, the clown will never stop with the lies. 

Who calls himself "Bartley"???? He can't even tell you his real name, he is a CLOWN !
Beware -